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“If we have to make one call to 30 people to say the job is shut down, that eats up 30 minutes of our morning. With MindForge, it takes us 30 seconds to send an announcement to all 30 people AND we can see who viewed it so there are no excuses that people didn't get the message.”
Aaron Wissen
Aaron Wissen - Safety Director, North Mechanical Contracting & Service

Share vital messages and training with your crew instantly.

The MindForge app lets you send information, announcements, and virtual trainings directly to your front-line workers using their mobile devices.

  • Group Chat with Attachments

    Send messages to targeted teams or crews with images, video, and PDFs. PLUS: view lists of who has viewed a message directly from your mobile device. Employees can reply with real-time feedback, fostering a collaborative work environment.

  • User Profiles

    Workers can log in to their own personal profiles (using an email or phone number) where they can track certifications and training material, view jobsite directions, access emergency contacts, and review PPE requirements.

  • Custom Content Creation

    Customize your own content to share company and project-specific information with your teams. MindForge supports various formats including video, images, and PDFs, allowing you to create personalized training and how-to materials that meet your specific needs.


About MindForge

The MindForge app is the only secure, construction-focused communications app on the market. It helps everyone within a construction company—from owner to craft and everyone in between—send and get the information they need, when they need it.

As a result, MindForge users avoid the costly miscommunications that lead to injuries, delays, or mistakes on the job.